About Mel

Mel Kari is a young professional, an entrepreneur-in-progress and a travel lover!

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She started her journey as a young professional approximately 2.5 years ago. Thus far, she has been lucky enough to do over 10 internships with a variety of companies; from tech giants like Google and cutthroat consulting firms like Bain to cryptocurrency startups and NGOs. She has worked in companies across Africa, Europe and Asia in both part-time and full-time roles.

Mel Kari is passionate about helping young professionals kickstart their careers and that’s what drove the creation of this website. She’s strategically  leveraged career opportunities to travel the world and wants to help others to the same.

You can follow her travel adventures and connect with her on Instagram. We would love to hear how you leverage your career to explore- use the hashtag #melkariclan to let us know 🙂

We hope you find the content useful and we look forward to engaging with you! Lastly, be sure to ask any career questions or request resume or cover letter feedback.

Fun fact: the one question Mel Kari gets asked more than she gets asked career questions is whether the lovely lady pictured above (right) is her twin, sister or mother! What’s your guess?