My Career Journey – Podcast with the MasterCard Foundation

I am so excited to share with you all the podcast interview I did with the Mastercard Foundation’s Baobab. Throughout this episode, I share my long-winded journey to working in tech with a non-tech academic background. Along the way, I discovered that I could not rely on opportunities being handed to me because I was ‘deserving’ but instead, I hd to aggressively pursue what I wanted.

In the words of the host, Halle: “Like many of us, Melissa checked all the right boxes and, in her own words, expected that the right opportunities would find her because she was deserving. That didn’t happen. Melissa has had to be bold and aggressive – and that energy radiates throughout this episode.”

You can listen on Spotify here:

Or you can listen to the episode (without needing to sign up) here:

#Fireside Dreaming with @tanagambura: Dr. Tinashe Mushakavanhu. Baobab Platform Podcasts

Imagine a warm summer evening. Two voices gather around fire, maybe share a meal or drink, and engage in a moment of dreaming. Listen to this ‘fireside chat’, a conversation between Baobab Community Engagement Associate Tanatsei Gambura and Dr. Tinashe Mushakavanhu. In it, they share, memories of home and childhood, offer a reading from “Imagination Library” and discuss the real meaning of building community and infrastructure. This is an invitation to be present and to allow ourselves to be surprised by the poetry of life surrounding us.*****Tinashe Mushakavanhu is a writer, editor and scholar from Zimbabwe working at the intersection of art, design and technology. He holds a PhD in English from the University of Kent. He has co-edited three books: Some Writers Can Give You Two Heartbeats (2019); Visa Stories: Experiences Between Law and Migration (2013) and State of the Nation: Contemporary Zimbabwean Poetry (2013). He is co-creator and lead researcher on a digital archive collecting, cataloguing, digitizing information on books about Zimbabwe from the 1950s to the present. He is also co-founder of a boutique creative agency, Black Chalk & Co, which brings together writers, artists, designers, academics, and technologists, engendering a new culture and new forms of publishing and creative production. Share your comments on Baobab!
  1. #Fireside Dreaming with @tanagambura: Dr. Tinashe Mushakavanhu.
  2. #TheHustle: Sandra Kimokoti – Senior Project Manager @Dalberg Advisors
  3. #TheHustle: Carryl Masibo – Advisory Associate @KPMG East Africa
  4. #TheHustle: Zaina Otieno – Investment Associate, East Africa @Camco Clean Energy
  5. #TheHustle: Maryanne Masibo – Senior Investment Banking Analyst @Goldman Sachs & Veronica Munyiva – Business Analyst @Morgan Stanley

I would love to hear your thoughts & reflections so please feel free to share them with me either in the comments or via direct messages on Instagram

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