My Career Journey – Podcast with the MasterCard Foundation

I am so excited to share with you all the podcast interview I did with the Mastercard Foundation’s Baobab. Throughout this episode, I share my long-winded journey to working in tech with a non-tech academic background. Along the way, I discovered that I could not rely on opportunities being handed to me because I was ‘deserving’ but instead, I hd to aggressively pursue what I wanted.

In the words of the host, Halle: “Like many of us, Melissa checked all the right boxes and, in her own words, expected that the right opportunities would find her because she was deserving. That didn’t happen. Melissa has had to be bold and aggressive – and that energy radiates throughout this episode.”

You can listen on Spotify here:

Or you can listen to the episode (without needing to sign up) here:

Episode 4 Mindset of Young People in Africa Baobab Platform Podcasts

In this episode, we talk about the mindset of young people in Africa and how our decisions can affect where we end up as young people.Emmanuel Cisco is a Liberian Speaker, Author, and Entrepreneur, and currently is the Marketing Director for an oil company in Ghana. Cisco moved to Ghana as a refugee from Liberia during the Civil war but despite the challenges he faced, Cisco graduated as the best student in BSc Economics from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration. Cisco is the Author of "Between her Womb and your Tomb" and "Cracking the empowerment Code". His goal is to support and inspire young people to excel.
  1. Episode 4 Mindset of Young People in Africa
  2. Episode 3 Education in Africa
  3. Episode 2 with Kingsley Besidonne
  4. Episode 1 Reflections
  5. Reflections Podcast Introduction

I would love to hear your thoughts & reflections so please feel free to share them with me either in the comments or via direct messages on Instagram


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